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Welcome to the website of the Bradford: City for Peace initiative!
From a peace library, a peace studies department and a peace museum, to campaign groups, local projects and community development work, we recognise the overwhelming number of peaceful initiatives taking place throughout the Bradford District. We work to encourage that and to develop new projects, such as a peace garden, a peace trail and a peace forum.
Bradford was declared a 'City of Peace' by resolution of the Council on 13 Oct 1997. We continue to work to make this real, widely appreciated and acted out.
Mission Statement: "to coordinate, support and develop Bradford as a city for peace which celebrates and promotes peaceful relationships."
Click on the links to find out more about the initiative and the projects, and about how you can get involved in making Bradford a City for Peace!
Bradford: City for Peace is a network of Bradford people who work for peace at the grassroots level. This can mean many different things - from campaigning for disarmament, to combating racism, to challenging environmental abuse
Basically, the group understanding of peaceful relationships is that they promote peace through justice, equality and respect.
History and Organisation
Bradford: City for Peace held a day conference in February 2003, at which a steering group was set up. The group is now constituted as a voluntary organisation with a wide network of contacts. Members work with others on peace and justice projects that are self-financing.
If you want to take part in events, to tell us about the peace work you already do (paid or voluntary), or to suggest other ways that the Bradford: City for Peace network can promote and celebrate peace in Bradford then contact us - please click here
Bradford Peace Trail Booklet is available at the Tourist Information Centre (Centenary Square), Kirkgate Market, Bradford Central Library and local TIC's
  The initial production of this Bradford: City for Peace website and the printed version of the Bradford Peace Trail booklet were funded by City of Bradford Metropolitan Council with grants from the Community Funding Unit (Innovation Grant), Culture, Tourism and Sport, and City Centre Management. Bradford: City for Peace is appreciative of the support that has been given to the project.
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Announcing Kokeshi, an exhibition about the devastation caused by the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the response of Japanese school students. The students set up the Kokeshi-no-kai (Wooden Doll Association) to campaign locally and nationally. This became part of Hiroshima Children and Student's Council for the Creation of World Peace. One outcome of this was the funding of the Children's Peace Monument in Hiroshima Peace Park.

The exhibition will be launched on 8 March 2010, at the Yorkshire Craft Centre, Carlton Street (Bradford College). It will be used by schools during the day, but will be open to the public from 3pm - 5pm each weekday until the end of March. The exhibition will then tour schools in the District. It will be the start of a much bigger initiative by Diversity and Cohesion, Education Bradford, entitled Stand up, Speak out and Make a Difference. This will culminate in a Celebratory Event in Centenary Square, Bradford, on Saturday, 10 July 2010.



We received word from Bradford Council that memorials previously located within the Centenary Square gardens would be moved to facilitate construction of the City Park, starting 25th January. These include Peace Trail memorials Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Bradford City of Peace, Citizens of Sarajevo, Workers' Memorial Day Plaque (all site 01), PC S Beshenivsky (site 05), & Bob Cryer MP (site 02), all to be relocated to the Norfolk Gardens behind City Hall.

Trees relating to these memorials will be replanted to parks that have been discussed and agreed with the families or organisations involved. These include:

Bob Cryer - Roberts Park, Saltaire, Hiroshima & Nagasaki - Lister Park, Workers' Memorial Day Plaque - Lister Park, Bradford City of Peace - Lister Park

The original plaques will be relocated with the trees (or suitably worded alternatives) and replacement plaques will be installed at Norfolk Gardens.

Sadly, the Interfaith Education Centre (site 22) was devastated by a fire on Boxing Day, 2009. The work is carrying on from Future House, Education Bradford, at present. Decisions for the future have still to be agreed.

NEW IN 2009

If you have a GPS Smartphone you can download an interactive version of the Peace Trail!

Visit and download the Mscape suite - full instructions on getting started are on the site. Once you have the mscape player on your Smartphone you will need to:

1) enter 'Bradford Peace Trail' in the search facility (top right – labelled ‘search for mediascapes’)

2) click on ‘Bradford Peace Trail’ on the search results page

3) click on the ‘download now’ tab.

Once this is on your phone, a GPS-enabled map, pictures and a commentary by Rhodesway students will guide you round points on the trail near the city centre.

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